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Fashion // International Women’s Week: Lippy’s Queens of Fashion and Feminism

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As the world celebrates International Women’s Week from 29th February to 8th March, we highlight and celebrate some of the most powerful, inspiring, and empowering women that have influenced the fashion world in the past century. Marlene Deitrich A true starlet of the silver screen and symbol of old Hollywood glamour, Marlene was once almost arrested for wearing a man’s… Read more »

Politics // Women Can Be Clever And Like Clothes

Theresa May is right: women can be clever and like clothes. Who says the two have to be mutually exclusive? At the Women In The World conference, Home Secretary Theresa May stated that it’s challenging for women to be true to themselves in the workplace. Often she finds herself being subjected to media attention in regards to her style -… Read more »

Comment // Tracey Emin Is Right: Women Should Not Be Made To Feel Worthless For Not Having Children


This week in an interview with Event Magazine for The Mail on Sunday, artist Tracey Emin spoke candidly about her life experiences.  She discussed her decision to be childless (or ‘child-free’ as some like to say) and she said: “It upsets me when people go on about women who are childless as if they are worthless.” She went on to… Read more »