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Fashion // International Women’s Week: Lippy’s Queens of Fashion and Feminism

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As the world celebrates International Women’s Week from 29th February to 8th March, we highlight and celebrate some of the most powerful, inspiring, and empowering women that have influenced the fashion world in the past century. Marlene Deitrich A true starlet of the silver screen and symbol of old Hollywood glamour, Marlene was once almost arrested for wearing a man’s… Read more »

Comment // Why Gender Inequality at Work Still Exists


From a very young age, I have always been faced with gender stereotypes. I played football in primary school and was bullied by the boys in my class because I would get picked for the team over them. I always reflect on this part of my childhood, and feel it is incredibly sad this happened at the age of 7…. Read more »

Politics // Ariana Grande Fights Against Sexism

Ariana Grande, the 22 year-old singer from Florida, featured on LA’s Power 106 FM last Tuesday. She was promoting her new single ‘Focus’ but what she mainly brought to attention was her objections to sexism. “Is this what you think girls have trouble choosing between?” she responded when the DJ, Justin Credible, who asked her whether she would choose makeup… Read more »