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Fashion // Putting Beauty to Good Use: Benefit Cosmetics, Look Good Feel Better, and the ‘Bold is Beautiful Project’

Have you ever thought that your eyebrows could perform good deeds? Probably not. This month however, they certainly can. Last year Benefit Cosmetics launched their ‘Bold is Beautiful Project’ with the dual aims of spreading a more positive, inclusive and feel-good approach to beauty, and raising money for great causes. As part of a mass media campaign, 2016 has been… Read more »

Fashion // Natural(ly) White

Being half-Irish and having typically Celtic colouring, I have sometimes found it difficult to find makeup that matches my skin tone. Sometimes even the lightest shade available can look distinctly orange against my fair skin. Having said that, I have noticed some progress on this front since Nicola Roberts launched her ‘Dainty Doll’ makeup range in 2010. The collection’s release… Read more »

Fashion // The Changing Face of Beauty Standards: Why do we wear makeup?

Makeup certainly has a long history; a diverse range of people and communities have used it for around six thousand years. Since Ancient Egyptians began crushing beetles to make jet black eyeliner way back in 4000BC, cosmetics have been a fundamental part of human life, for women especially. Today, the beauty industry is worth an estimated £17 billion a year… Read more »