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As of tomorrow (Monday 29th Feb), it is International Women’s Week so here at The University of Leeds we are celebrating the achievements of women around the world.

Many societies have planned a range of events throughout the week that will explain what women have achieved in history as well as what women are achieving everyday.

Here’s what will be happening throughout the week:

A Quilted History of Women
11:00-11:45, LUU Room 5

It is a two-part session. There will be a lecture on the cultural history of the quilts and the importance of textiles in recording women’s history, followed by a workshop at 13:00. It is free to all but you can sign up here: https://www.luu.org.uk/ents/event/11452/

Stress Management
13:45-14:30, LUU Room 6

This session looks at what stress is and aims to help you recognise the symptoms of stress that is specific to you. The session will be delivered by Yoga Hero instructor, Holly McPhee. No need to book.

Women and Cyberspace in Iran: Talk and Q&A
12:00-13:00, LUU Room 6

Dr. Vahideh Golzard of the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies will be looking into how women in Iran are taking ownership of online spaces. Learn about how women are using social media and weblogs to empower, advertise and educate. No need to book.

12:15-13:00, LUU Room 4

This session will introduce you to mindfulness and discover the benefits of implementing it into your everyday life. No need to book.

Miss Representation
14:00-17:00, LUU Room 5

This is a screening of the film ‘Miss Representation’ which explores the media’s misrepresentation of women in powerful positions of influence in America. Sidenote: There’s free popcorn!

Create: Retro Lampshades
15:00-17:00, The Bowery, Headingley

In this workshop you’ll be making yourself a lampshade! All the materials and equipment are provided. Meet at Parkinson Steps at 2:20pm to get the bus, or just head straight to The Bowery. Tickets: £10, you can order them here: https://www.luu.org.uk/ents/event/10959/

Uni Girls Can Women’s Only Bootcamp
12:15-13:00, Meet at Cromer Terrace Studios.

A fitness session in the natural surroundings of Woodhouse Moor. For more information and to register you can go to: http://sport.leeds.ac.uk/sport/get-out-get-active/

Liberate not Regulate
13:30-15:00, LUU Room 4

This workshop is hosted by recent Leeds graduates. It will feature a film and discussion on sex worker’s rights.

Women in Sport: Taking on the World
18:15-19:30, Worsley Medical Lecture Theatre, (Level 7 Worsley Building)

This is a panel discussion followed by a Q&A. They have promised to cover topics such as role models, sponsorship and prize money inequalities and the media’s coverage of women’s sports. For more information, and to buy tickets, go to: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/women-in-sport-taking-on-the-world-tickets-21006201113

International Women’s Day 2016
13:00-17:00, Bangladeshi Community Centre, Roundhay Road, Leeds

“We are celebrating International Women’s Day with speakers, music, dancing, henna, nail painting, belly dancing and much more! Free food and drinks will be provided. If you would like to provide a particular activity or contribute, contact us by email at [email protected] or phone us on 07548150294”

Little Devil Film Screening
18:00-20:30, LUU Room 4

A comedy-drama about unconventional friendships.
‘A mischievous, disabled fag hag absconds to London to find love and opportunity, but finds an unlikely outcome in her life when she hooks up with a washed-up gay male escort.
Sidenote: There will be free popcorn!

Words: Sophia Brockley

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