Five Ways To: Power Dress

This week we’re looking at how to dress with force! Give a powerful boost to your energy with some IDGAF attitude. We’ve drawn some ideas from five inspirational ladies on how to style for confidence and achieve pretty much anything.

Amie Tyrer, 22, English Literature

How does this outfit make you feel confident?
Wearing bold, bright and often garish clothing makes me feel confident because it reflects my personality. I dress differently depending on my mood, today I was feeling loud! 

Betsy Shepherd, 20, Spanish

How does this outfit make you feel powerful?

It makes me feel strong because it’s typically a masculine style outfit whilst also being feminine so I feel most confident and myself. 

Maria, 19, Sociology

What’s your advice for using your outfit as a tool to boost confidence? 

I would recommend pinning down that pair of jeans and strength-jacket that make you feel very confident with your body, but also which you find to make a statement about yourself. On days when I wake up and feel in doubt or more upset about myself I choose these jeans as a means of coming back to the power I know that I have over my life. In terms of the jacket, wear it as a means of protection and statement in the face of all possible occurrences (both positive and negative) that may come you way. 

Lucy Hobbs, 20, Fashion Marketing

How does this outfit make you feel strong?

Wearing bright or textured clothing makes me feel confident. This coat stands out from others (for being very big very blue and very fluffy) but it is super warm and different. 

​Lenamist, 19, Fashion Marketing
​ What’s your tips for using your outfit as a tool to boost confidence?

For me, comfort is key- I feel most confident in a cozy faux fur jacket, loose trousers and Air Force! 

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