With London Fashion Week in full swing every girl wants to be sitting front row. Luckily for the girls at Lippy magazine, we were invited by the SkyLounge bar at Double Tree, Hilton Hotel in Leeds to watch a special live streaming of the evening’s shows and had a wonderful front row experience. The venue was amazing and you can check out our review of the event on our Fashion page.

Charlotte Olympia

British-based designer Charlotte Olympia showcased her incredible talent through the beautiful array of shoes in her London Fashion Week debut. We watched the glamorous show unfold on screen and felt as though we were nestled in between front row guests such as Alexa Chung and Daisy Lowe.

The Autumn/Winter 2016 collection was fittingly named ‘The Girl Who Fell To Earth’; reflecting the intergalactic themed designs. There were over twenty pairs of shoes featured within the show, each offering a different element of futuristic glamour. Heels were bedazzled with metallic stars, glitter and jewels and twinkled as they went along the catwalk. The styling of the models really accentuated old Hollywood glamour and opulence through the classic bold red lip and voluminous curls and certainly turned heads. I think the collection was really unique in the way Charlotte created ultramodern designs whilst echoing elements of retro Hollywood glamour; the two elements really tied in well together and gave the show a true element of luxury and elegance.

Unfortunately there was a problem with the live stream lagging meaning we missed a portion of the show, which was really disappointing. However, we managed to catch the closing of the show which featured my favourite design; a stunning pair of black velvet thigh highs boots with glitter running through. If it weren’t for my student budget I’d take them in a heartbeat!

Overall, I thought the collection was stunning and the shoes undoubtedly had enough glitter, sparkle and glam. The experience itself was wonderful and I’d like to thank the SkyLounge bar at Double Tree, Hilton Hotel for inviting us, certainly a night I won’t forget.



What a great opportunity it was, to be able to view the live streaming of London Fashion Week 2016! We got to see some exquisite collections put together by the world’s best designers, with the company of delicious, mouth-watering cocktails courteously offered to us by Sky Lounge at Double Tree by Hilton. Two cocktails later, it was time to view the much awaited PPQ collection, at 7 pm. One thing I can say is, the wait was definitely worth it! The collection undoubtedly lived up to its well-known ‘inimitable’ nature, being unconventional in every sense.

Carefully chosen pastel colours were beautifully paired up with the black, which added the edgy, dramatic effect to the collection, with a slight tinge of retro theme. The classic fur overcoat worked its charm in all the different colours, be it pastel blue or lavender, it was a treat to the eye. From the fancy slit cocktail dresses to elegant evening gowns, the collection covered a wide range of clothing. The black high-rise knee length boots, worn by most models, acted as the cherry on top of the cake. The occasional all-black outfits were sure to highlight the edgy leather tights, making it a must-have in our closet!

Who said leopard-print was out of fashion? The pastel purple leopard-print top paired with a knee length, high-waisted skirt of the same colour defined elegance and had retro written all over it. The leopard-print bell-bottoms and gown, all in pastel purple, were sure to evoke the undying love for animal print within us. All in all, the collection was everything but predictable, which usually marks the success of a designer, and PPQ was surely a success this evening. The fashion house certainly did not disappoint.


Central Saint Martins MA Show

Every year established designers grab headlines for their massive London Fashion Week shows, but on Friday our eyes were on the Central Saint Martins MA show. The annual showcase features the designs from students from the school’s renowned MA Fashion program, and is considered to be the ultimate stage for the next generation of world-class designers. This show has been the launch pad for many influential designers, including Alexander McQueen, and to be featured in this show can be a major make-or-break moment. The show is different every year, so without any previous collections to reference, there’s no way of knowing what to expect. But from the moment the first model hit this year’s runway, it was clear that this was not be your average show.

When showcasing multiple designers, it can be difficult to distinguish each collection from one another. But in the case of the Saint Martin show, it was clear when one collection started and another ended. Each individual designer was able to fully express their unique vision, and no two collections looked the same. The collections varied from loud metallic fabrics in bold colours, to subtle menswear, but regardless of the patterns or colours used in the collection, it was impossible to take your eyes off the screen for even a moment. The show featured pieces that covered all ends of the design spectrum. There was a strong mix of lengths and textures featured in the show, making each piece more daring than the last. The androgynous style, which has been a huge fashion trend in recent seasons and has sparked a debate on gender constructs in the industry, served as inspiration for some of the collections. The most incredible element of the show was the level of risk taken by the designers. None of the designers played it safe, and each made bold choices that left a strong impression. Sometimes you were left surprised and other times confused, but like all great collections, each piece generated a reaction from the audience.

While watching the show for the first time, I will admit that I was not sure what to make of the collections. My first reaction at the end of the live stream was “This is not what a fashion show usually is.” But that’s what makes the Central Saint Martins MA show so unique: it’s not supposed to be what you usually see. Each design student is given a huge platform to make a statement, and to do so you have to be willing to stand out from the crowd. If the Saint Martins show is meant to show us who the next generation of designers are, then the fashion world is about to get a lot more interesting.

Words and Pictures: Olivia Woollam, Somya Mehta and Karishma Karia

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