DIY Halloween: Get Your Spook On!

It is without a doubt that Halloween is one of Leeds biggest celebrations, and with massive music events such a ‘Flux’ there are high expectations to go all out with fancy dress.

Pressure and stress can be sensed everywhere, we’re all on a student budget and it’s likely you’ve spent this week’s money on tickets for the Halloween events themselves. I’ve made this post as a little bit of inspiration (from Friday’s ‘Triple Cooked’ Halloween event at Church) to show you can still figure out a cheap and easy costumes last minute. All you really need is glitter… some fake blood (sold at Essentials, in the Union, Poundland or ‘LoveYaBabes’) and if you’re ever in doubt add a sequin glitter top because we all own one… It’s Leeds.

Forest Fairy

- Wings: These can be bought on Amazon Prime or from ‘LoveYaBabes’ (fancy dress shop in Leeds city centerBy) for an affordable price. They can also be handmade following this YouTube tutorial:

- Outfit: Anything!

- Makeup: Follow your normal makeup routine and add coloured eyeshadow to your brows to add to the fairy look, complete by putting glitter… everywhere.

- Outfit: Wear a black and white striped top, which can be bought cheaply at charity shops and Primark, underneath a pinafore. (If you don’t have a pinafore, a black vest layered on top would maybe work as an alternative?)

- Makeup: Painting your entire face white is a bad idea for the infamous sweaty venues Leeds has to offer as it will not last all night, plus you won’t be able to move your face! Just using eyeliner and glitter is much more effective!

Mummy/Princess Ahmanet

- Outfit: You can get away with anything white/nude for this look (this is a two piece from Carli Babel’s new collection with Misguided)

- Makeup: Jayya followed this Instagram makeup tutorial using liquid latex and toilet paper to create layers of skin, and then used brown eyeshadow for shading (Can be bought for £1 in Poundland or £1.99 in ‘LoveYaBabes’) or alternatively, PVA glue works:


- Outfit: A classic. I feel like I don’t really need to elaborate on the outfit choice here, anything lacy, latex or black for sure…

- Makeup: Use darker eyeshadows around the eyes and put fake blood …everywhere. Fangs were later attached and help to complete the look.

Dead Tinkerbell

- Wings: Again, fairy wings can be bought on Amazon Prime or from ‘LoveYaBabes’ (fancy dress shop in Leeds city center) for an affordable price. They can also be handmade following this YouTube tutorial:

- Outfit: Something green! The crop top pictured here is from Pretty Little thing but you can easily make your own with an old t-shirt. A wand helped to complete this outfit (not shown in photo) and you can buy one from Amazon, ‘LoveYaBabes’ or make one yourself following a tutorial:

- Makeup: Add glitter everywhere and layer liquid latex (or PVA) with tissue paper to create wounds in order to complete the dead Tinkerbell look:


- Outfit: This top can be made from half a meter of material and a sewing machine, but you can always wear a plain or sparkly top and add something like this:

- Makeup: Use liquid latex to create the wounds, and drip £1 Poundland blood across body and mouth. Create the triangles out of glitter, using a paintbrush for accuracy and Vaseline to set it. You can also add circular gems to your face, these ones were bought from Hobbycraft (can be bought on eBay).

Other last minute Halloween ideas include:

- Mermaid - using fishnet tights and eyeshadow to create a ‘scaly’ look and add glitter everywhere possible.
- Pop Art comic girl -
- Dead Bambi - can use fake blood and liquid latex/ PVA to create the gun shot (rip) x
- Unicorn- headbands can be bought cheaply on Amazon and eBay or could be easily handmade:
- Dead Barbie doll
- Porcelain creepy doll -

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