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Politics // Cameron attempts to sweep abolition of maintenance grants under the rug


The actions of David Cameron have been a shambles this passing week. The Tory Prime Minister attempted to avoid a parliamentary debate on an issue affecting half a million students in the UK. A committee of only 18 MPs debated the abolition of maintenance grants on Thursday 14, and after 90 minutes a majority of 10 Ayes to 8 Noes… Read more »

Politics // Can we justify the airstrikes in Syria?

Pilots prepare for airstrikes

It’s been hard not to follow the news in the past week, with ongoing deliberations in Parliament about whether or not the British government should launch airstrikes against the terrorist group Islamic State in Syria. After a ten-hour debate in the Commons a clear majority backed the airstrikes; 397 votes to 223 secured Cameron’s victory. These airstrikes have now begun…. Read more »

Comment // The Paris Attacks // Terrorism and the Rise of Islamophobic Incidents


The night of Friday 13th November 2015 saw the most horrendous acts of terror occur in Paris. Mass shootings and bombings led to the deaths of 130 people who were socialising and having fun on a night out, and the attacks have left many – families, citizens and people around the world – absolutely devastated and in shock. Worst of… Read more »