The prestigious Dance Expose society presented their ‘Seven’ show this week with their debut refectory performance. Based on the seven deadly sins, the show was carefully structured into seven sections of Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride, each featuring 4 or 5 perfectly choreographed dances. Expose’s attention to detail was outstanding with so much effort put into every aspect of the show – the jungle background with visuals that changed for each dance, matched with the range of well-thought out costumes and an impressive light show gave the show a really professional feel. Before the show, I was sceptical about how the Refectory would compare to the Riley Smith Hall as a venue, but it really added to the Expose’s slick performance. You would definitely be forgiven for thinking that you were watching a professional dance show.

In terms of the dances, Expose blended contemporary, ballet, tap and modern to create a range of dances that left me both wanting to learn to dance, and go to the gym (because of their enviable figures) in equal measure. Although it’s safe to say that I enjoyed all of the dances within the show, Lost in a Day Dream choreographed by Imogen Preston and Meg Rolls, set to the tune of Bjork’s It’s so quiet, was fun, and entertaining to watch. In the lust section of show, The First Night, choreographed by Charlotte Murphy was also one of the best dances within the show, as it showcased Expose’s skilled dancers of both genders. In addition, Inspired by Talent, choreographed by Emily Ramage, was also one of my highlights – the tap gave it a real sense of energy. Royals (Grace Baylis, Liv Khan, Elisa Menedez and Ciara Tully), which featured tutus and four characters sat a table, was also a highpoint of the show. Get Your Freak On, choreographed by Lill Prodanova was energetic and uplifting.

As well fierce and flawless dancing, Expose also managed to include a thought-provoking element in their Where Is My Mind dance choreographed by Julie Markvartova. The program description stated “I’m depressed, misunderstood, judged, hopeless, unloved, broken, hurting, undeserving, alone, fine”. The dancers wore ribbon over the mouth which they then removed at the end of the dance, demonstrating the group’s ability to mix high quality dance with important messages. Finally, the show ended with Justin Bieber’s Sorry being blasted out, alongside confetti that was dropped from the ceiling, which helped to elevate the already high levels of energy within the Refectory. Everybody in the audience seemed to love it as much as I did!

So hats off to Dance Expose! Aside from the flawless choreography and outstanding professionalism, what’s really impressive is that they managed to coordinate such a professional show on top of their University studies. Thank you for everyone at Dance Expose for such an enjoyable evening!

Words: Flo Henry

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