A Short History of Bralettes

The earliest bras originating in the 1920s and 30s would be considered bralettes by today’s standards. However, they have largely been overshadowed since then, the push-up bra now taking the main focus in lingerie ad campaigns and display stands. However, recent seasons have seen a strong emergence of the bralette, revolutionizing what in recent years would have been considered nothing more than a ‘child’s bra’.

This recent phenomenon has meant women no longer have to remain uncomfortable in badly fitted padded bra’s with slipping straps and large gaping cups. Instead, the bralette is fighting back. Made out of materials that are tighter fitting than the traditional fabrics and styled in a way that caters for all size of boobs, giving a great natural shape. The lack of underwire makes them more comfortable than traditional bras, experts suggesting this is one of the main reasons behind the movement towards the bralette.
Overall, bralettes have boosted women’s confidence. This is clear to see when you enter a festival and the vast majority of women are supporting the lingerie look. Style icons such as Kendall Jenner and Rihanna are frequently being pictured in bralettes, acting as ambassadors for the look. Even Victoria Secret is supporting the trend with an ad campaign, which has the slogan “No padding is sexy now!” after years of building their brand around push-up padded bras. Fashion has ultimately met function.

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