A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

After struggling through A Christmas Prince last year, I never dreamed Netflix would make a sequel. In the first film, we witnessed a massacre of all the best bits of classic chick flicks. The undercover journalist accidentally falling in love under false pretences? Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed. An American girl falling for a mysterious European prince? Julie Stiles in The Prince and Me. Aldovia, a tiny royal kingdom hidden somewhere in Europe? C’mon, we all know it’s Genovia from The Princess Diaries. Do you see a pattern emerging here? We all know how these stories end and this film is no different.

Unfortunately, it’s not just originality that’s lacking from this festive-themed faux pas; it’s also completely void of any likeable characters. Amber, the main character, is naïve and annoying at best and there’s certainly no chemistry between her and the painfully dull Prince Richard. After being apart for months, the couple are reunited in the magical land of Aldovia. You would think that after not seeing each other for such a long time they’d be all over each other. Not in this film. Their awkward embrace leaves me wondering if they’ve ever actually met before, and don’t get me started on the poem. I guess she must kind of like him though because after a couple of days, she begins to wine to her friends her fiancé is being ‘kept busy’. She understands that he’s in charge of running a country, right? Selfish much. This leads to some confrontation between the happy couple. I finally thought we were going to get a bit of action! But no, even their arguments are boring. Where’s the passion people?

To be honest, all of the conversations feel unnatural. There’s something about the delivery that makes it feel like the actors are literally just reading the words off a badly written script. I just can’t take anything they say seriously. Amber’s father’s cheesy one-liners just pass straight through me. He’s completely over the top as the classic, over-friendly, and loud-mouthed American dad. And, as always, there’s the eccentric, foreign stylist with a bad attitude and an exaggerated accent. He’s not funny at all, he just reminds me of a much less likeable Paulo from The Princess Diaries.

I couldn’t actually finish this film, which is rare for me, because it left me feeling more fatigued than festive. Fuck you Netflix. With bad scripts, predictable storylines and hollow acting, A Christmas Prince and its sequel are sadly failures as both romcoms and Christmas films. Don’t believe me? Watch them for yourself.

Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix, found on Hollywood Reporter

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