The Ocean: A Femme Fatale

The ocean is a dangerous woman.
The most dangerous woman. With an unprecedented wink of a generous wave, she may seduce even a man of pure devotion.
She alluringly takes your hand, allows you to believe that you,
A mere man of flesh and blood,
Are in control of your movements, vulgar in comparison to her rhythmic curves.

And once you have become far past your reach, you are truly at the mercy of her mood.
It is evident that mankind was once her greatest lover, but blinded by the greed of her bounty, betrayal caused her compassionate heart to become riddled with a fantastic fury.
Now, faced with her constant reminder of pain, she merely tolerates the presence of mankind,
yet, given the chance she is ruthless.

Within moments, she will pull you beneath her skin,
she will fill your lungs with poison kisses,
tease you by allowing a sliver of hope surpass you as you gasp for air,
only to be taken under her spell.

She has been waiting to betray your trust, experience her utmost revenge from what was her greatest lover,
But became her greatest enemy.
The ocean is a dangerous woman indeed, we must respect her.
For she, can destroy a life as quickly as she can nurture one.

Image credit: Natia Rekhviashvili

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