RightNow Studio Launches Beyond Photography – Providing Young Artists with Exhibition Space

The Beyond Photography visual exhibition will take place on 24th February 2018, giving unknown talent in the North of England the chance to present their work to the public.

A new, revolutionary art form has emerged. The digital age has challenged photography’s notion of Time and Truth, with post-production taking the art into a new phase where it can no longer be called photography. The Beyond Photography visual exhibition will explore work impossible to capture with a single press of the shutter, and delve into the new possibilities of Image Making.

“The exhibition will explore the fine line between photography and more-than-simply-a-photograph,” said Ryan Blackwell, co-founder of RightNow Studio. “We need to forget what we already know about photography, and the best people to turn to are fresh, unknown artists,” he added.

The aim of the Beyond Photography exhibition is to build a young community of artists who strive to push the boundaries of creating artwork with a camera. In doing so, it further hopes to open a discussion about the parameters of photography in this digital age. The exhibition will take place on February 24th 2018, in the heart of Hyde Park, Leeds. True to form, Beyond Photography will be an innovative space, so forget white walls and black frames. Ryan Blackwell and Nastassia Winge, the minds behind the exhibition, are no strangers to the struggles faced by young artists hoping to display their works, so Beyond Photography also serves as a public platform for people who would otherwise struggle to gain exposure.

“As artists ourselves, it’s really important to support the work of others in similar positions to us,” explained Nastassia Winge, co-founder of RightNow Studio. “Entry to the exhibition will be free, but we’ll use any donations to produce a second exhibition with an entirely new theme and location,” she added.

About RightNow Studio:

RightNow Studio was created by Nastassia Winge and Ryan Blackwell, both students at the University of Leeds. The studio aims to bring together a hub of young talented creatives and channel their brilliant artworks into an argument about the move from Photography to Image Making. To find out more about RightNow Studio, visit: www.beyondphotography.online

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