LIPPY EXCLUSIVE | Seconds Apart, Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder EP Review

By Madi Brown

Recently featured by Alex Baker at Kerrang! Radio, Christian Carlisle at BBC Radio Sheffield, and even Joe Elliot-Hobson at Doncaster’s Sine FM, the South Yorkshire duo, Seconds Apart, are in the run up to their EP release on the 4th July 2016. Shortly following the release of singles ‘More’ and ‘Young/Naïve’ earlier this year, we have been waiting for these tracks to be released alongside some exciting new material on the highly-anticipated Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder. This week, we have another exclusive review, as Lippy have been given the chance to head behind the scenes and take a listen to the alt-rocker’s EP before the official release date!

Produced by Ben Sansom from well-known Lower Than Atlantis, Seconds Apart are proud to have worked with someone they have always looked up to on such a personal and reflective masterpiece. This successful partnership is evident throughout the course of the EP, as guitarist, Owen Claxton, states that Sansom added so much whilst keeping the true Seconds Apart vibe alive in light of their autobiographical tracks.

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder opens with previously released ‘More’, immediately punching with explosive guitars swaying towards the heavier side of alt-rock. These hard-cutting chords are mirrored within the chorus as vocalist and bassist, Martin Cartlidge, echoes the catchy “yeah, gimme more”, before slipping into the more paced verse and bridge including lyrical snippets in preparation for a final bang in the last chorus.

‘That Friday Feeling’, a track completely relatable as we hit the weekend, is a clear example of the diversification this band is capable of. Surprising to fans of Seconds Apart, the band use sparkling synth throughout the track, perhaps in accordance to ‘That Friday Feeling’, fulfilling their listeners with the need to dance and feel it with them. The track also infuses pop-like vocal effects alongside edgy and hard-hitting guitar, providing a crossing of genre boundaries between rock, pop, and dance.

Second-to-last track and personal favourite, ‘Young/Naïve’, initiates with powerful hooks from guitar and vocals alike, alongside a snappy drumbeat which keeps the pace racing. “So young, naïve, with hearts on our sleeves” is simultaneously echoed with soulful vocals and by a bold yet faint screamo influence which heads into the perfectly layered chorus. Illusion inducing bass rings out into an atmospheric explosion of gritty vocals and crashing cymbals, representative of the fiery and vivacious energy that Seconds Apart promise within their live shows.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Make Me Believe’, which comes to a peak with an invigorating layering of guitar and the intoxicating vocals of the chorus. In line with its title, this song fulfils you with an energy you didn’t realise you were missing due to successful lyrical musicianship. The track, and EP itself, represents a resolution of troubles with true faith and ‘endless optimism’, as quoted by Claxton.

Catch Seconds Apart at their headlining EP launch at Sheffield’s widely-popular music venue Corporation on the 15th July to hear their new material live for the first time. With a distinct reputation for their energy and enthusiasm when playing a live show, the gig is sure to be a sell out, so grab your tickets quick to avoid disappointment! You can purchase them at just £5 in the Corporation link below.





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