Midnight Snack

You never spoke to me before,
Didn’t pour me a drink
Stop to think,
And ask, ‘Do you want to dance?’
‘What’s your name?’
‘How are you?’
I know nothing about you,
And you don’t know me.

So why,
As night turns to day,
And I turn to bed
Do you rear you head
And take sudden interest?

I feel you behind me,
Too close for strangers,
Because that’s what we are.
What’s your name again?
Have we had one conversation?
This isn’t welcome
Or flattering.

Leaden exhalation,
Heavy breath on my neck,
Wet kisses
Make me stiffen.
I can’t remember your face,
Your fingers trace
My outline.
Invaders cross the line
Of the fortress wall,
And seize my territory.

Like a dish of leftovers
On the side,
Which when served for lunch,
You took no interest in.
But now it’s 12am
And you’re hungry,
Feel an ache in your belly,
Search the kitchen
And pantry,
All empty.

There’s that dish on the side,
Which you seize,
Prise open,
And enjoy
To your satisfaction.

It’s not yours to eat,
You weren’t interested before,
But now
It’s convenient,
And filling.

You lay back,
Your midnight snack.

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