Manchester Rain

A drop
Two drops
A splash on your cheek
A handful of drops and now it’s


We made the news again, boys!
Another record fall in record time
Despite record umbrellas reaching record heights
We made another puddled floor met with the expected sighs
So take five
Give a courtesy break to the dampened masses
Let them dry their hair and wipe their glasses
Before we drop again and join the pool

“Are you fucking kidding me? Again? So soon?”

Yeah, sorry mate, unfortunately
Your walk back home will have to wait
“Another lager then, barkeep” we hear you say
And put another in the pump while you pay

Because here’s the thing, you all complain –

But without us here when would you turn to your friend
And say “this sodding rain will never end!”
And you go on with your monologue
Take up gladly your opportunity for show

See we may dampen spirits, but we spark conversation
– And please take that kiss in the rain into consideration –
Those sodden clothes are a small price to pay
For the memories we can help you make
And maybe an inconvenience for you isn’t one for them –
For the kids and the lovers and the nostalgic old friends
So let them splash and laugh as you chatter away

And tomorrow we have a new record to break

Image credit: Manchester Evening News

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