LRFS X LIPPY: The LRFS Launch Party

I was incredibly lucky to be welcomed on Tuesday 21st November to the official launch of the Leeds Rag Fashion Show 2017/18!

As I arrived at The Faversham, the show’s organisers explained that all of the proceeds made from the show will be going to two extremely important charities, Leeds Mind and Dementia UK, both which provide information and care for illnesses that no doubt have affected many amongst the student population in one way or another.

11pm. People in small groups are talking. Before the event kicks off, I use the opportunity to note the sleek decor (monochrome balloons and light strings adorn the room) which announces the chic and glamourous style of the event. Douglas [Primal Sound] and Wallauer [Flux] are behind the decks and as the beat goes on, the dancing begins. Little by little, the room fills up.

Over the ongoing music, I talk to a lot of the models, stylists and organisers and consider how the launch provides an exciting opportunity for every member of LRFS 17/18 to make initial contact with each-other. Amongst the buzz of chit-chat, I hear people exchange stories of their past experiences, their ideas for projects and both their hopes and fears for the show. For many, whether modelling or working behind the scenes, it will be an entirely new experience and I realise, excitedly, that the show constitutes a springboard for new talent.

LRFS represents an opportunity for anyone and everyone to experience fashion. Throughout the night, as I met a multiplicity of models, I came to realise that, truly, anyone and everyone is welcomed. The show is aiming to use fashion to promote diversity and challenge the exclusive, and potentially unhealthy, runway stereotype through an inclusive space. As the team say themselves: ‘We are set on making sure this year’s show highlight the beauty in individuality.’

I thoroughly enjoyed the night, feeling it to be the perfect way to celebrate and launch the latest show, and was so inspired by the varied and vibrant team. The show itself will take place in February 2018, marking its tenth anniversary. Since its inception a decade ago, it has won the ‘event of the year’ many times and this year promises to be bigger and better than ever. The Lippy team are all so excited about it and will be bringing you a lot more exciting content about the event in the run up to the show. Stay tuned and see you in February!

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