Live Review// Lily & Madeline @ The Brudenell Games Room

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Having never seen live music in the Games Room at Brudenell before, the transformation was quite amazing and a great setting for Lily and Madeline. The fairy light backdrop and intimate square that invited everyone to sit back, take in the melodies and be transported away to a different (more serene) place was perfect. It was just what I needed I thought as Madeline thanked everyone for coming, this ‘Weird Tuesday’.

lily and madeline 2  When we first arrived deep cello tones had encompassed the whole room, which, on establishing myself at the front of the audience I was able to decipher as the creation of Shannon Hayden. Shannon is what I determined as an evidently superior talent in the music world, her ability to entrance the whole room with her single instrument’s eerie sounds and clever use of a loop pedal (or several, not precisely sure) was an incredible feat and one to never forget.




After a brief interlude Lily & Madeline were on stage. Starting off with resounding lyrics of ‘we are surrounded by such history and change’ from ‘Spirited Away’ these two happy, young, strong females captured the audience with their immaculate vocals and innocent wisdom, with Shannon providing a supporting depth to the ensemble.

Throughout the evening we were lucky to witness many of the songs from their new album ‘Fumes’ which captured a fleeting feeling of release into the world in comparison to the youthful summer musings of their first album ‘Lily & Madeline’. The fear of transitioning is captured in the more upbeat ‘Rabbit’ which incorporates lyrics of stopping and starting, describing dealings with the unknown. There was a definite impending sense, one of promise and something to come but not being quite ready to let go, ‘hold onto now because everything’s changing soon’ from ‘Hold Onto Now’. I think the moving forward and allowing the change to happen is exactly what the two sisters need to establish themselves as forces of musical magnitude.

These girls really delivered on beautiful, urethral, absorbing vocals that were immaculate and stunning, there just seemed to be the need for them to find their ‘edge’ and grow, something for which they have plenty of time to do! Madeline did a great job of keeping the audience engaged with her wit and delightful presence, an actor in the making? Both sisters were very open and had a very relatable and friendly nature which shone through on stage. Lily’s nonchalant air fits precisely into the music world and the direction in which young female artists are moving towards. It was clear that Shannon was musically very advanced and classically trained and it seemed that she could be a producer in herself by the way she was in control, knowing what was going on in all areas and what changes were necessary.

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As the last notes had trailed off a fight for the set-list ensued which was quite a random way to end the night so, Madeline, your prediction was right, a ‘weird Tuesday’ it was, all be it one filled with beauty, hope and reflection which I believe sums up the evening and band perfectly. Lily and Madeline have an unmistakably direct grasp on their songs and content and having only been together for 2 years and having made 2 albums in this time they are definitely one to look out for. Anyone who can write songs with such strength starting at the ages of 15, 17 and 20 will go far!






Check out their latest single ‘Can’t Admit It’

Words & Images: Scout Davies

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