Lippy Milestone: 1000 Online Articles

This post is the 1000th article on the Lippy Mag website! To celebrate this milestone, we thought we’d take a quick trip down memory lane and take a sneaky peak at the exciting things we have in store.

Founded in the 1970s, Lippy was traditionally known as a women’s magazine that was unashamedly feminist. Known for calling out the controversies of the day and discussing contemporary gender issues, alongside politics, the arts and fashion, Lippy has long been an outlet to counterbalance the mainstream media and provide an outlet to forward-thinking students.

The first article ever posted on our website was entitled ‘The New Face of Sexism’ (give it a read, it’s excellent). Debating the negative connotations of the word feminist and highlighting every day sexism, several years later it is still depressingly relevant. This is why we continue to write and call out unacceptable behaviour. We want to give a voice to those that are normally silenced and challenge the status quo.

Although a lot has changed in the world over the last 40 years, the mission of Lippy remains the same. Having expanded from print only to include our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels – and even for a short while a Tumblr blog – today we proudly carry the mantle of discussing the latest news and current issues whilst capturing the today’s zeitgeist.

It’s not just our online presence that has expanded. Our recent additions such as the Leeds section last year and Creative this year give us a wider scope to share what’s important to our writers and discuss local events. Furthermore, we have some exciting partnerships and collaborations in store – look out for our LRFS posts and Girls that Gig features – as we work together with local organisations and charities.

Of course, we’re not all online content; we still publish two print issues a year. Our latest issue, Nostalgia, will be released on 6th December at our launch party (details here). All are welcome – we hope to see you there!

We appreciate all of our readers over the years – we hope you’ve enjoyed Lippy as much as we have.

And to our incredible team of writers, editors, photographers, designers, artists and marketers – thank you 💋

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