How to be a Successful Bumble-r

I put my pride on the line and went undercover to infiltrate 2017’s hottest dating app, all for the readers of Lippy Magazine. Bumble can be used as a dating app, a business networking platform or a very millennial way of making new friends. But for the purpose of this experiment I went with the dating app function, obviously.

So, after a week of using Bumble (…it was really two weeks, getting matches took more time than expected, should I be worried?) here were my most helpful findings:

Attach your Spotify account:
“If music be the food of love” … you should get a Spotify account. Bumble capitalised on the importance of music in any romantic relationship by providing a feature that lets you attach your Spotify. This was definitely my favourite feature as I think music can give a real insight into someone’s personality.

I do know, however, that letting a stranger glance at your ‘most played artists’ could invite some music-snobbery, but if they are the right guy or girl they will embrace the fact that The Black Eyed Peas holds a firm position in your top ten.

Sharing a similar music taste could be the clinching factor swiping right or a swiping left. It also acts as an instant conversational starter, the best conversation I had all week was a guy who thought the lead singer of Whitney sounded like Kermit the Frog.

GIFs, GIFs and more GIFs:
I am an avid user of GIFs. I use them on Twitter, I send them to my friends, and occasionally to my mum who always tries to zoom in on them.

A GIF is not just a funny moving image. A GIF can be intertextual and alluding, it can tell you what kind of T.V. and films your potential suitor watches, and doesn’t watch.

To test if everyone is as receptive to GIFs as I am (doubtful), I sent a GIF of Ralph Wiggum waving to half of my matches. Not everyone got it, but I did manage to have an entire conversation with one guy just through GIFs. I think about 7 were exchanged.

GIFs probably shouldn’t be used as much as I use them, but they can be a quick and truthful indication of someone’s sense of humour. Plus, they take the pressure off an already awkward conversation, kind of like pulling an ugly face in a photo on purpose instead of trying to be cute and it not really working out.

If you are reading this and all you listen to is Owl City, Hilary Duff and you hate GIFs, I have another tip up my sleeve for you.

Bios are admittedly few and far between on Bumble, but if you manage to stumble across one — chew it over. Ponder it. It could be a nice way in. However, I understand that when someone’s bio is simply their height, it doesn’t give much to a cheeky, imaginative chat up line. But sometimes bios can be about Uni, Nationality or even Uber ratings.

Overall, Bumble is fun! It possesses an elusive class that other dating apps have yet to capture. I hope these Bumble tips are useful to someone out there and if I can leave you with one last piece of advice: never underestimate a GIF.

image: bumble

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