Five Ways to Wear: Fur

This week we’re exploring 5 ways to wear fur (faux, of course). Fur coats have become increasingly popular over the past few years, with brands like Jakke leading the way with their unique fur jackets. However, fur doesn’t have to be limited to the traditional jacket, so we gathered some inspiration on how to incorporate fur into your wardrobe through both accessories and outerwear. With winter hitting Leeds hard, who wouldn’t want to be this furry?

Em, 20, Fashion Marketing

Where is this piece from?
Mudo Accessories (Turkish brand)

Do you feel confident wearing it?
Yes, definitely! I feel more out there and I like that

Liv, 19, Fashion Marketing

Where is this piece from?

What inspired you to buy it?
It’s from Hollister which isn’t a brand I usually shop at, I wasn’t aware they sold items like this but I saw it on Megan Ellaby’s blog. I love her style and had been after a leopard print coat for a while so I had to get it!

Maisie, 21, Fashion Marketing

Where is this piece from?

Do you find this piece easy to wear?
Yes I do because I wear a lot of orange. It really stands out when you wear monochrome colours with it, and it also suits my skin tone. There’s always orange things in the sale rails, this bag was reduced from £300 to £25!

Aneesha, 18, Fashion Marketing

Where is this piece from?

Nostalgic or new?
It’s a new piece but makes me feel nostalgic as fur was in fashion a few years ago. I love it because it’s quite cool but sophisticated.

Joanna, 20, Fashion Marketing

Where is this piece from?
I bought the gilet from Topman and the coat from TK MAXX

Has it been good value for money?
Yes! I bought the coat for £9, and the gilet was originally £90 but was on sale so dropped to being only £15 with student discount!

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