LIPPY EXCLUSIVE | Kermes Debut EP You See Others Seeing You

Shortly following the release of their first single ‘Here’, one of Leicester’s most exciting alternative-indie bands have been working up to releasing their debut EP You See Others Seeing You, on the 24th June 2016. Kermes are releasing the debut via Robot Needs Home this Friday, but have given Lippy an EXCLUSIVE sneak peak into the magic via the private stream above which, as a Lippy reader, you have the ability to access!

Opening single ‘Here’ is packed full of catchy hooks and riffs, a foot-tapping track where the genres of this band tie together. With their alt-indie statements tying with a little rock and post-punk attitude, Kermes boast a unique indie sound welcomed by the current music scene.

The second track of the EP, ‘Radical Acts’, initiates with a glittering riff alongside a rumbling drumbeat, creating a tropical indie vibe as “but if it looks accidental, it’s gotta be accidental” is echoed. The slow tropics progress into a heavier rock breakdown, bringing the track to a powerful climax, as instruments and vocals alike work towards a sudden silence, which allows us to take in Kermes’ energy before track three. ‘(I’m not gonna give you the) Gun’ holds hints of an upbeat Metronomy with echoes of Everything Everything with its vocal layering, and pitch differing harmonies, particularly in repeated line “take it away”.

YSOSYsquarecoverClosing track ‘Eulogy’ slips into the band’s more indie-rock vibe, with an effective tempo change as the track slows down into a heart-felt guitar solo before closing the EP with a simple drumbeat. This instrumental, nearing two minutes long, gives us time to reflect on the touching lyrical subjects explored throughout the EP, from gender dysphoria to depression, and appreciate the work of this Leicester lot before sticking the EP back on repeat.



Catch the music video for ‘Eulogy’ already available on the Kermes Facebook Youtube page, and grab your chance to listen to the full EP for yourselves via the exclusive private stream above.

‘Eulogy’ video:

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Words: Madi Brown

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